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the job market is tough on everyone and to reach the goal you want, you need to keep working on yourself, keep up to date with everything that’s happening in your field, and never stop learning.
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Whether you are trying to have a more profound understanding of the field you are in or you are just interested in gaining new information about various careers, Voxy’s career-aligned courses are for you. They offer you the chance to enhance your working abilities and be able to communicate with people in the same field from different backgrounds.


Many health practitioners have a hard time finding a good and thorough course that includes all the important medical terminologies and information since most courses are too complicated, especially for a non-English speaker. This is why Voxy makes sure that its course is suitable for all; the course consists of 40 hours of content based on different medical journals, studies, and medical platforms and 11 chapters/units.

The user starts with basic human anatomy: the different systems in the human body, their names, and their importance, then goes through the 9 different angles to the medical spectrum. The user is presented with information about common diseases, Pharmacology, Hospitals & Nursing, Pathology & Cancer, surgeries, etc., and is given access to a medical journal that is updated daily to keep the user up-to-date with any developments.

Financial services:

The business world is very competitive and to succeed you need to have an edge and a strong familiarity with the financial aspects of the industry. 

Voxy offers you a full understanding of the various areas of financial services to give you a push in the market, with 50 hours of content based on material from The Economist, The Financial Times, etc., and 10 units/chapters that include everything you need to fully understand finance. From simple basics like budgeting and figuring out a balance sheet to understanding how Wall Street works.

You will be able to wisely invest your money and know everything that goes into investment banking and management.

Software engineering:

Due to the rapid growth of technology, the demand for good technicians has surged; however, nowadays even if a company isn’t looking for technicians, they still tend to hire people with a background in development and basic programming knowledge. So if you’re a software engineer or you just want to improve your skills, this course will benefit you.

It includes 20 hours of content based on material from Microsoft, coding boot camps, UX, etc. It also includes 10 units/chapters that go through the process of enhancing your development and communication skills and it’s a simple intro into programming languages.

Food and beverage:

The food industry is currently booming, but with hundreds of restaurants opening every day it’s becoming a very competitive market and the only way to succeed is to be unique and competent. Even though it’s not easy owning your own place and quite tiring since you put a lot of hard work into it, it’s still very fulfilling when a customer has a good time in your restaurant/cafe. To guarantee that all your visitors have this experience, you and your staff need to be aware of all the aspects of the culinary world.

This food and beverage course offers you 20 hours of content-based on material collected from Relax news, AFP, etc., and it consists of 15 units/chapters that take you through all the steps you need to ensure that your customers have a positive experience. It also covers the management side of the business and gives you a full understanding of all health regulations.

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