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What is VOXY?

Voxy is an e-learning personalized website that was founded in 2010 by Paul Gollash and Gregg Carey in New York. It teaches English in an innovative and unique way using its Customized keyword extraction method which it received a patent for in 2015.


Reachout Academy now is an official Partner with VOXY, which is one of the biggest online learning platform in the world that will allow you to learn English online with native teachers.
VOXY is designed to put the learning process in the hand of the student, not the instructor, which means that the learner gets to choose the material they want and to set their own goals, what a time to be a student! Voxy also understands how each and every one of its users has a different learning pace and how they don’t all learn at the same speed. That’s why the whole course is customized to make sure that they fully grasp the material.

How does Voxy work?

Voxy built its foundation on using material from authentic content which is any form of media /content produced by native English speakers, i.g. News articles, videos of real people ordering food, music, etc.

It’s built on the principles of TBLT (Task-Based Language Teaching) which focuses on exerting tasks from real-life situations like calling customer service for help using the targeted language. This method is used to get rid of the idea of traditional classrooms that mostly rely on memorizing vocabulary and words without putting them to test in the real world.

The platform includes live one to one tutoring sessions and small group classes with certified instructors that use contextual learning and provide real-time feedback. 


It’s the process of identifying the keywords that are most relevant to understanding the meaning of the text. Voxy utilizes this method to determine the words that are important to learn depending on the level the learner is in. It also can turn any piece of context into English lessons.


based on the contextual learning theory it argues that learning occurs only when students process new information or knowledge in such a way that it makes sense to them in their own frames of reference since the mind seeks to link between what its learning and what it encounters in real life.


How Voxy overcame the setbacks of online learning?

More than four million people in more than 150 countries have changed their lives by learning English with Voxy.

Limited topics

Voxy has a huge number of courses for different fields and courses e.g. Accounting, law, civil engineering, real estate, mining,
communications, etc.

No Competition

Even though there isn’t any competition between the learners on the platform, it has its own awarding system for completing levels that motivates the users.

No interpersonal skills developed

Voxy offers its users group classes with certified teachers, so even though they don’t get to see each other they do interact with different people from around the world.

The need for self-discipline and inner motivation

unlike Duolingo, Voxy does not have a very good app reminder, however, you can see progress easy while using the app or the website. Seeing such improvement motivates the learner to keep going.